The waxing queen has arrived from Auckland …

Enjoy a clean, comfortable and boutique-like atmosphere where waxing is our passion and where you can expect a high end experience. While waxing is not pain free, Metro Waxing takes pride in using special waxing techniques that leave you with baby soft skin. Our friendly and informative approach to waxing is the hallmark of our business.

Male Waxing

Tauranga’s best kept secret is now open to all men who want prompt, professional and private waxing services. Feel confident.

Female Waxing

Summer is here! It’s time to show off your body for summer so take the plunge and get in touch with Camilla now to make your appointment.


What are the important features of a great wax?

Hygiene, speed and quality.

I’m under 18 years of age… can I get a waxing?

Yes you can receive a waxing, however, you must be over 18 years of age to receive a Brazilian or Bikini waxing. we will ask for proof of age.

How can I convince my husband that waxing is not just for woman?

Have fun with that! Chase him around the house and pull those hairs out. Or you could try growing all your hair back and see whether he approves of that. Sound convincing enough? No matter what, he will love the new look.

What wax do you use?

We have carefully selected a waxing line we believe our customers will be happy with.

What is the dress code for a Brazilian Wax?

You will need to remove your bottom garments and that means the boxers come off too. Don’t worry, a towel is provided for your modesty.

What are the benefits of waxing compared to shaving?

Overall, waxing is over very quickly and lasts longer than shaving.

Should I trim before my wax?

We don’t mind trimming for you. Priced from $30

How can I feel less embarrassed letting someone I don’t know wax me?

What may seem personal to you is a daily task at Metro Waxing. Our advice to you is relax and get ready to bare all.

Will I be in awkward positions?

We have learnt the most effective and efficient ways of waxing. If you are used to a certain position, please inform us as we are here to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Brazilian Waxing, Does it Hurt?

You will need a mild tolerance to waxing especially for people who have never waxed. At Metro Waxing we don’t encourage you to take any kind of pain killers like Panadol. Why? Pain has not occurred. Our best advice is avoid alcohol before your appointment. Drink plenty of water to hydrate you, a gentle scrub with gloves or mitts and lots of moisturiser on your skin to keep the area supple until your appointment.

What are ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs can happen with any hair removal method. When the new hair grows back, it grows back finer and weaker, it lacks the strength to push through the skin and so ingrown’s occur. One of the most common and annoying side effects of waxing is ingrown hairs. While exfoliating and moisturising are beneficial, sometimes a fast acting product may be needed.

Our pick is “Medi Paste” by Caron. This fast triple action product is designed to prevent bumps, ingrown’s and slow hair regrowth. Apply to clean skin and use as often as needed. Pressure may cause this issue too, so avoid tight fitting clothing.

How important is hygiene?

We should not be telling you how important hygiene is during waxing. At Metro Waxing we adhere to strict hygiene practices at all times. No double dipping of wooden spatulas during Brazilian waxing. We strap on waxing gloves for all waxing procedures. Our treatment bed is lined with fresh linen.

Personal hygiene – When working in such close proximities as therapists do with their customers it is important to pay special attention to personal hygiene. We ask that you please come freshly showered before your appointment.


Pretty nervous for a guy to call up a salon and ask to get waxed but after searching I found Metro Waxing. Easy peasy and yes, what a fab experience. Cheers Metro Waxing for giving me something to yarn about over the holidays.


Nerves from the prospect of my first back wax were quickly put at ease once entering Metro Waxing and meeting the ever so friendly Camilla. Ten minutes and a good chat later, my back had become painlessly hairless. Too easy. I’ll be back.

RichardGrey Lynn

Awesome work Camilla! A very inviting and relaxing atmosphere. I’m really impressed that ‘Metro’ caters for men and the results are more than awesome with minimal pain and all the waxing was done really quickly. You will definitely see me again and I recommend ‘Metro’ to anybody wanting hair removal!


I have been going to Camilla for quite some time now and I won’t be looking anywhere else. Amazing customer service and always does a great job. She really knows the science of whatshe does and gives great health advice too. Very friendly and professional. She’s like my wax family doctor. Awesome stuff. A++++


MENS Waxing Menu

First Time $90
Maintenance 5-6 Weeks $75
Speedo+ $60
Butt $50

Full Legs Wax $70
3/4 Legs Wax $65
1/2 Legs Wax $50
Full Arms Wax $50
3/4 Arms Wax $45
1/2 Arms Wax $40

Back Wax $60
1/2 Back $40
Back | Chest | Stomach $90
Back | Stomach $70
Shoulders | Nape $30
Underarms Wax $25

Brows $25

Beard Wax $50

Toes, Snail Trail, Nape, Ears, Nose from $5

WOMANS Waxing Menu

First Time $75
Maintenance 4-5 Weeks $50
Landing Strip $55
Classic Bikini Wax $35

Full Legs Wax $55
1/2 Legs Wax $40
1/2 Legs | Full Brazilian Wax $70
1/2 Legs | Classic Bikini Wax $50
1/2 Legs | Classic Bikini | Underarms Wax $70
1/2 Legs | Full Brazilian | Underarms Wax $100
3/4 Legs Wax $45
3/4 Legs | Full Brazilian Wax $80
3/4 Legs | Classic Bikini Wax $60
3/4 Legs | Underarms Wax $55
3/4 Legs | Classic Bikini | Underarms $75
Full Arms Wax $50
3/4 Arms Wax $40
1/2 Arms Wax $30

Brows $25

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