I’m Camilla, an experienced senior waxologist with just over 10 years experience in waxing for men.  My job mainly is to make you look and feel good.

Enjoy a clean, comfortable and boutique-like atmosphere where waxing is my passion and where you can expect a high end experience.

While waxing is not pain free, I take pride in using special waxing techniques that leave you with baby soft skin.  My friendly and informative approach to waxing is the hallmark of my business.

Waxing Q&A

If it is your first time with Metro Waxing, Camilla will do a quick consultation with you and an assessment of your skin & hair for best results.

Things you should tell Camilla include but limited to:

  • It is your first wax and you are nervous or worried about discomfort.
  • You have very sensitive skin that tends to welt, bleed, have warts, moles,  skin tags, recent ta moko, pe’a, tattoos, sun burned skin, laser or photo rejuvenation.
  • You are on Vitamin A – topically
  • You are a haemophiliac, von Willebrands disease
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis, Varicose veins, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Hirsuitism, Diabetic
  • On Warfarin, Dabigatran, Gabapentin, Aspirin
  • Have allergies
  • On long term Medication

If you answered yes to any of the above, waxing may not be for you.

Everyone is unique in their own right and so you can expect your wax treatment to be customised to suit your needs as well as those I recommend for you in a welcoming chilled environment.

Metro Waxing is the place for men to come and feel relaxed, and leave feeling confident every time they visit Metro Waxing.

Firstly, congratulations.  Body tattoo is an ordeal that is not lightly undergone and can take many weeks to complete surrounded by family and friends during the ceremony, often requiring more that one tattoo artist at a time.

For best results and to assist your artist/s, here are my recommendations:

  1. Plan a consultation to discuss which part of the body you are having your markings placed.
  2. I am not sure exactly what ingredients are contained in tattoo ink, but I would ask you artist first and possibly speak with your family doctor first about your intentions to have a tattoo.
  3. I will set out a plan for you to come and have a wax closest to the time of your tattoo appointment.
  4. Read my Waxing Q & A for some answers, and I am here to help you with any other questions and answers you might have. My contact details are at the bottom of the website.
  5. POA, assessment & consultation.

What may seem personal to you is a daily task at Metro Waxing. Our advice to you is relax and get ready to bare all.

If you have any concerns or questions about waxing, please feel free to get in touch.

Metro Waxing is here to make your waxing experience a great experience.

We should not be telling you how important hygiene is during waxing.  At Metro Waxing, Camilla adheres to strict hygiene practices at all times.  No double dipping of wooden spatulas during a Below the Belt treatment.  Gloves are strapped on for all waxing procedures.  Treatment bed is lined with fresh linen.

Personal hygiene – When working in such close proximities as I do with my clients, it is important to pay special attention to personal hygiene. I ask that you come freshly showered before your appointment.

For the best results – I recommend a wax every 4-5 weeks.

Assuming it’s your first time – you can expect smooth’ results from the 3rd to 4th consecutive treatment, as everyone’s hair grows in different cycles (there are 3 hair cycles, and the aim is to wax in the anagen cycle, and I can show you this if you are curious to see the different cycle of hairs).

Remember to not shave in between your waxing treatments and exfoliate your skin every other day.  Camilla will explain an aftercare regime with you at the time of your appointment.  She will also explain the importance of exfoliating mitts as well as aftercare products in between waxes at home.  This aftercare will ensure your skin remains smooth and bump free for longer before your next waxing appointment in four to five weeks.

Believe it or not, not all waxes are created equal.  I have played around with many waxes over the years – thanks to my clients who allowed me to explore the wonderful world of wax.  The fact is, it’s not what you do, but how you do it. Metro Waxing Senior Waxologist, Camilla knows a thing or two about waxes, hair and better still, she knows how to outsmart hair (gently & honestly).  I have carefully selected a waxing line I believe my clients will love, so good in fact, you might actually look forward to a great wax.

I would love to say or claim a pain-free wax but that would be a lie. In short, it’s not that bad and I am sorry if you have had an awful experience out there. All I can say is, I have more than 10 years waxing experience and know a thing or two about hair removal for men.

You will need a mild tolerance to waxing especially for people who have  never waxed, however with regular waxing, you can expect this to get easier every time as your hair grows back weaker, and finer.

Please note, that I do not encourage or give advise around pain medication whatsoever i.e. Panadol.  If you have skin sensitivity and are worried about pain or discomfort, please seek medical advice from a professional Dermatologist before embarking on a waxing treatment.

Metro Waxing’s specialised waxing techniques and premium waxes ensures that every visit has less ouch!


Every hair is attached to what is called Erector pili muscle.  This muscle is responsible for goosebumps we experience when our bodies hold onto heat.  If you are tense during a waxing procedure, your muscles tense up which leads to your skin tightening.  I want the opposite to happen.  To relax your skin and muscles so the hair slips out from the follicle.  This along with highly skilled waxing techniques creates less ouch.

Have fun with that! Chase him around the house and pull those hairs out.

Or you could try growing all your hair back after you have tried pulling them out for him and see whether he approves of that. Sound convincing enough?

No matter what, he will love the new feel and look.

Couples Intimate Waxing – $170 to be booked at the same appointment.

You will need to remove your bottom garments and that means the boxers come off too. Don’t worry, a towel is provided for your modesty.

NB: If you choose to wear your own briefs or underwear – Metro Waxing can not assume responsibility for any product contact.

Ingrown hairs can be par for the course no matter how you wear your hair. When it comes to keeping ingrowns at bay, exfoliation in the shower works wonders.  Camilla’s pick – A pair of exfoliating gloves and Bump Eraiser Medi Paste by Caron. This fast triple action product is designed to reduce bumps, redness, and ingrown’s as well as slow hair regrowth infused with antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin A.  Apply to clean skin and use as often as needed.

Ingrown hairs can happen with any hair removal method. When the new hair grows back, it grows back finer and weaker, it lacks the strength to push through the skin and so ingrown’s occur. One of the most common and annoying side effects of waxing is ingrown hairs. While exfoliating and moisturising are beneficial, sometimes a fast acting product may be needed.  Pressure may cause this issue too, so avoid tight fitting clothing.

Bump Eraiser Medi Paste by Caron – $30 for a 30ml tube

  1. If it is your first wax and you are unsure about having a full wax, I offer a patch test on Saturday mornings as an introduction to waxing. This service is $20
  2. Let your unwanted hair grow to more than 1.5cm for effective results. Please do not shave or trim the hair you want waxed.
  3. Gently exfoliate your skin with exfoliating gloves/mitts at least one day before the wax.
  4. Moisturise the night before with a light lotion to keep skin subtle & soft. Not the day of.
  5. Skip coffee the day of the wax and drink water instead.

Nourish and Soften the Hair Tips

Bumps & Redness are a normal part of waxing and should settle down in a couple of hours.

  1. Avoid sporting activities for up to 24 hours after your wax.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Exfoliate the waxed area at least once a week with a exfoliating gloves or mitts to prevent ingrown hair.
  4. Moisturise daily to keep skin soft and subtle.
  5. Plan your next appointment.

Waxing and shaving are very different and provides different results.  Waxing pulls out hairs from the roots.  Shaving is more of a trim, causing stubble and irritation leaving the root intact.   While both are a form of hair removal, waxing banishes shaving rash and no more shaving cuts.

Let’s talk about the big “E”.  Although rare, sometimes this happens and it’s nothing I haven’t seen before so if this happens, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Once that hot wax is applied and removed the problem soon goes.

At Metro Waxing I have the right to refuse treatment.  I have a strict policy around inappropriate behavior.

Mens Waxing Services

Below the Belt – $120
Maintenance – $90 (less than 5 weeks)

This is a full intimate wax for men removing all hair from around the penis, scrotum, and buttocks.  The hair on pubic bone region can be removed, shaped or waxed as per your preference.  Combination Soft & Strip wax is used for your comfort.  If it is your first time getting this service, Please read all of the Q & A on my website.

If it is your first wax and you are unsure about having a full wax, I offer a patch test on Saturday mornings as an introduction to men’s waxing.  This service is $20

Below the Belt & Legs – $170

Maintenance – $140 (5 weekly)

This wax includes removing hair from your legs, feet, toes, plus intimate waxing including removing hair from the penis, scrotum, buttocks.  The hair on the pubic bone (front) can be removed, trimmed or shaped as per your preference. A combination of soft & strip wax  is used for this service.

Back, Scrotum & Bum – $140

This is a full neck, shoulder and back wax as well as removing hair from the buttocks and scrotum. Soft & strip wax is used for your comfort on all intimate areas.

Back, Bum – $90

This is a full neck, shoulder and back wax as well as bum.  Combination of soft & strip wax is used for this service.

Chest, Scrotum, Bum – $100

This is a full chest and stomach wax plus an intimate wax removing hair from the buttocks and scrotum.  Soft & Strip wax is used for your comfort on intimate areas.

Legs, Bum – $105

This wax removes all of the hair from the bum, legs, feet and toes.  A combination of soft & strip wax is used.

Scrotum, Bum – $80

Bum – $55

Full buttocks wax (inner  & outer cheeks) using a combination of gentle soft & strip wax.

Back Basic – $50

This wax includes just an upper and lower back wax only. The basic back wax does NOT include the neckline, shoulders or upper arms. Strip wax is used for this service.

Back – $70 Most popular

This wax includes all of the neckline, shoulders, half arms wax and full back. Strip wax is used for this service.

Chest & Stomach – $70

Male Full Legs Wax – $80

Male Underarm Wax $30

Upper Back & Shoulders  – $50

Lower Back Wax – $40

Stomach & Abdomen Wax – $40

Chest, Throat Wax – $40

Nose $18

Ears $20

Cheeks $15

Nape $20

Male Brow Wax – $20

Any 2 from Nose, Ears, Cheeks, Neckline – $30

Any 3 from Nose, Ear, Cheeks, Neckline, Brows – $40

$170 booked at the same appointment.

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